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The Not-So-Normal Things to Take Note of in Dogs

The unique nature of dogs makes them quite interesting. What stands out most in dogs is their essence of good communication.

At times, however, your dog could be asking for more than just the usual pet needs. There are three major signs dogs display when things are not okay. Although the causes could be varied, it’s always imperative to act first and question later.

One of these symptoms is scratching, which is a big pointer to the presence of fleas in their fur. Fleas get their way into the dog’s fur, multiply and then bite, causing constant scratching. If you have a cat as well and you see the same behaviour too, the message should be loud and clear since both cats and dogs are attacked by the same breed of fleas. You might seriously consider spraying your entire house as well since fleas find human skin tasty as well.

If you are looking for a versatile treatment option for both your pets and house, Advecta provides the convenient solution. In as much as fleas are a common phenomenon where there are pets, they can be prevented from being a constant nuisance by regular use of a flea comb on the fur of your dog or cat. This helps in removing traces of fleas and thus inhibiting their breeding. Fleas can also be kept at bay by regular vacuum cleaning of carpets and constant cleaning of the house.

Another red flag in a dog’s behaviour is diarrhoea or any other sickly sign. Throwing up for dogs is not as normal as it might be for cats. Chocolate is one of those things that make dogs really sick and you should rush to your vet if you suspect they’ve eaten some.

Sometimes, your dog might just be down in the dumps and not in the mood for a stroll. It’s always good to let them be at such times and monitor them closely as they recover quietly. Providing small portions of fluids at regular intervals is also recommended. If symptoms seem to be getting worse, do not hesitate to take the dog to your vet.

Symptom number three is fatigue and coughing. As much as many factors can cause fatigue and coughing in dogs, heartworms, which are a serious cause of concern, might be one of them. Incidences of heartworms can be prevented by regular treatments, which work on developing worms. Nonetheless, these treatments are not effective against adult worms. Annual tests by your vet are important too.
In as much as dogs hit their highs and lows just like we do, it’s always good to stay keen on them. A prolonged life for a happy dog comes as a result of attentive care.