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Study: My Understanding of Pets

How to Keep a Pet Safe in the House

You can expect a dog to et into trouble on its own. They can get lost or damage a lot of property. You need ways of keeping the pet safer. It is important to pet-proof the house.

There are gates specially designed to confine a dog to a specific area of your choice. This is how you keep them away from areas you do not need them. The dog will be safe, and a child will also be safe.

Keep electrical cords bundled up. Dogs are not aware of their danger, and will chew through them until it is too late. Bundling keeps them away from them, and when lifted up, they stay out of their reach.

Dogs are naturally curious, they will thus try to put anything in their mouths. They can chew through stuff in the house that could poison or choke them. You need to keep them away from them. If they find a low-level window open, they are gone. Keep such windows closed.

You need to prevent the spread of fleas on them. They will suffer otherwise, from all the scratching and biting. Fleas will also destroy whatever image of hygiene you had your home, and risk your family’s health as well. You can invest in medication such as PetAction pet flea pill.
Keep them away from your garbage bins. When they go through trash, they might eat something they are not supposed to. House training them entails having to deal with their messes all over the house. Have an adequate supply of cleaning solutions for those moments.

They shall also go into any open closets. They will proceed to destroy whatever they find in there. You have to lock up all the shoes and clothes to avoid losses.

They should also not have access to the bathroom, since it is dangerous for them. Body wash, bleach, and shampoo are poisonous to dogs. The bathroom door thus needs always to be kept closed, or at the very least, keep the lid closed, so that they do not drink that water. Make sure you have a good medicine cabinet in there. All the cosmetics, medications, and toothpaste need to go in there.

You need to also watch where you place the jars commonly found on the kitchen counter. They will want to jump up there and end up knocking them over.
Those who have yards need to build a high perimeter fence to keep the dog inside. Remove any steps they can use to climb over it.

Those who have swimming pools should invest in proper covers for them. This is how you prevent them from drowning.

Be vigilant of the pesticide you opt to use for your garden. Confirm that they are not harmful to a pet. Learn which ones are not safe, and have emergency contacts in case the dog swallows any of it.

At the same time, you need to keep all substances such as paint, antifreeze, cleaning solutions, car oil, or rat poison in a locked cabinet.

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