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Why No One Talks About Animals Anymore

Loving Your Pet to Pieces

I can tell that you have a deep regard for me. It’s far more romantic for me to write you about all the things I wish I could say to you. The chemistry between us was real when we crossed each other’s paths. Tough times have been with us and left us standing. Our connection is far better than anything you’ve experienced. Communicating to you for me seems natural. I thought you’d like it if we were so much closer so much so that Romeo and Juliet would have nothing on us. If you’d allow me this chance to speak from my heart.

I know what you are thinking, I wish I could hear that from my pet. Having your pet being able to express their feelings could be the best thing ever. The reality is however that they will not be giving you a heart to heart like that, never. However they have their own language to and they understand you despite the fact that they can’t hear a word you are saying. Relationships are a give and take. You could give their language a try too. To master in pet language a skill in observation will come in handy. You are likely to catch them in their moments of hurt or joy and diagnose the elements involved in either case.

Emotionally stability is an envious trait that your pet may have in great measure than you. They are patient with you and will always take you back in when you come from work after leaving them alone during the day. The same however cannot be said of you. Your pet deserves the kind of treatment you’d prefer. Tom and Jerry is still an all time favorite for everybody including your cat. To lessen chances of your pets getting bored leaving them to play with the kids or having some toys for them could do the trick. That doesn’t mean that they want to be in action all day, rest is essential for them. Getting them a spot that they can hide in would be very much appreciated. Keep the fun coming.

They absolutely should have an independence from you. They can’t be an exact copy of you. You can’t spoil them rotten because that’ just unfair considering your trying to lose weight yourself. The more in touch your pets are with the world the better their life gets. You should measure the number of treats you allow your pets. Try to make that a celebration for them like when they learn a new skill or have been good. Save them for special moments like when they’ve been spectacular at something or learnt something you taught them. Most importantly as much as you love your pet Molly , molly is no replacement for people, let pets be pets , they are better off that way.